I live in Hobart, Tasmania with my partner and our pup, Maggie, and as of 2019, our little baby girl Lou.

In 2013 I started a food blog to share my love of cooking (and save my uninterested friends lectures on the best way to make porridge). Through photographing my creations, I realised another love – that of photography – and started to absorb everything I could in relation to taking good food photos, as well as practicing whenever I could.

This change wasn’t unnoticed, and after I started to receive more emails about my photography then what I was about my food, I realised that I should put all of the information I was sharing into the one spot, and hence my online photography courses were born.

Living in a small community that creates amazing produce, it soon became my goal to start working with some of these producers to be able to take photos of their amazing creations to make them really stand out.

I tentatively took my first freelance job in 2016, and still shoot for that business to this day. Through word of mouth, my client base has continued to grow- you can see some of this work here.


If you are interested in learning more about working with me or would like my current rates, shoot me a line at hello@dearnabond.com